Live Musical Band By STANLEY VAZ for India and Abroad.

Hi. Let me introduce myself, my name Mr. Stanley Vaz my stage name DJ STAN, my percussions instruments are called TALKING DRUMS. I create rhythms to the mix to remix with my live percussions on the genre of music for eg. Standard Jazz, Acid Jazz, Funk Jazz, Smooth Jazz, House Music, Disco House, Deep House, Retro House, Progressive House, Funky Groove House,Techno House and EDM House etc.

Percussionist, Drummer and Singer for last forty plus years in my career of music,

I started mixing music in the year 1990 with audio Tape to Tape with two tape Decks with my percussions playing with music it. As discjokey with my friend Elvis Chand ( now he is in Australia)

Since than I am performing live as a DJ and a musician in the band. Love to be innovative on the mixing to the remix. Blending my playing with Percussion instruments. my hatsoff to the renowned disc jockeys of the world. Who made remix using drum machine to the music, with very prominent beats to get the feel of groove and get into mood of free style dancing.

My hats off to them, who are well known world’s best Disc Jokeys, who made dabue albums since 1980’s onwards in various genre of music productions and become very famous in the world. What ever it’s takes to the groove, must be there in the music remix creation, to make the crowd to get into foot thumping beats, with goosebumps and make them crazy on the dance floor.

Since than have gain some knowledge of the beats and rhythms with timings according to my knowledge which I understood, that’s why I create rhythm on rhythm with effects to get more feel of the music. I am one of the few Dj’s in the world may be, who create mix on remix live to get groove moving to the beat. I don’t like to be actor on stage behind the DJ console or in the band so called dummy musician, I like to be innovative and do something different with my percussion instruments and drums, create with my effect processor like Kaoss Pad and Remix live loops and drum Sampler. I want to be different from others that’s my moto. I thank my God for creating me with multiple talents and made me talented. I am one the blessed man on this earth. Please Subscribe and share maximum to your contacts. Thank you very much for hearing me,signing off DJ STAN & HIS TALKING DRUMS.


Musician, Singer, DiscJocky, Percussionist, Dance Choreagrapher, Sound Engineer & Event Manager. Started his Music & Dance carrier as a professional and performing stage artist, from 1973 active till date. Very versatile and energetically performing . Experienced in Music and Dance. Well known musician among the Goan Musicians in Delhi. Stanley Vaz is from Goa presently leaving in Delhi. Performed in various five star hotels in Delhi NCR on regular contract basis from 1982 till date. He is heading Simple Truth Band as a band leader.

Live Musical Band By STANLEY VAZ for India and Abroad.
Live Musical Band By STANLEY VAZ for India and Abroad.

He is the best Percussionist and the DJ (Disc jockey) he known as ” DJ STAN & HIS TALKING DRUMS” his skilled performance mesmerise and attract the crowd and get the attention of the guests in the house. His performance enhence the moods of the guest on floor with his percussion playing along with his own compositions and remix tracks. He is one of the finest musician and entertainer who is existing in Indian. His performance never let’s down the Shows, Gigs, Concerts, Weddings, Corporate Parties and other occasions. He is there to take any kind of challenges in music for events as you name it. He is the best at his work, you got to see him to perform and hear him to believe it.

He has a contact of well experienced 40+ Goan Musicians, Disc jockeys (DJ) Singers (Male & Female) are associated with him in Delhi, he provide artists i:e Solo, Duo,Trio or full Four piece bands, as required for your restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Banquet functions, lobby music, i:e Piano, Violin or Saxophone players for Five Star Hotels. Seemlessly performing genre of music in Western, Indian and Latino Portuguese. Add to touch of popular Indian languages too. Alsoh he has sofisticated bands for Weddings, Corporate Parties and Events. We understand your needs and also undertake special theme music, composition and arrangements for special occasions or events. You try them once, you will never regret. Performance satisfactory is guaranted.


Standard Jazz. Acid Jazz. Classic Rock. Rock n Roll. Retro Pop. Reggae. Country Rock, Hard Rock.Techno. Deep House. Electronic Dance Music. And Latest Pitbull. Martin graix.Tisto and many other various Artists.

BANDS Stanley Vaz managing two bands “Simple Truth” and “ShockBlast”

SIMPLE TRUTH – Performing cover songs of various artist on the request of the guest at the parties, naming some i:e Cliff Rechard. Elvis Presley.Tom Jones. Dean Martin, Beatles. Eagles, Abba, John Denver, Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyed, Rolling Stone, Queen, Bob Dylan, Jimi Handrix, Who, Doors, Cream, Dire strait, Bruse Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Phil Colin, Wham, Deep Purple, UB40, Europe and many others

SHOCKBLAST- Performing all orignal tracks ,around 20plus songs are on youtube. All right reserved by Meshup Promotion from UK. Stanley Vaz from Stanwolf Production managing in INDIA for Live gigs , Concert booking and other events


BAND STAND 91 ​ WHAT IS BAND STAND AND STORY BEHIND IT? A Jam Session is a relatively informal musical event, Process or actively where Musicians typically instrumentalist plays improvised Solo’s & vamps , Means Repeating Musical figure Section on (Tunes ,Songs and Cord Progressions) Jam Session can range from very loose gatherings of Armature to the evening where a Jam session coordinator /host act as a gatekeeper who ensured that only appropriate level performer can perform at the stage. The BAND STAND Idea we got from Bandra Mumbai where we once in a month or two go with my friends from Goa and organise a trip to Bombay then Now Mumbai to watch New Movies because in Goa those movies screened out 2-3 years later .So we all plan in such a way that we leave on Friday Night from Goa by bus and Saturday morning we reach Mumbai, Few friends from Mumbai would come and received us in Dobi Tallab where a private bus stand where buses are halted and there we stay in Goan club rest for 1st Half watch new movie from 3-6 show followed with 9-12 show and next Sunday morning we go to church and meet our relatives and friends again Watch one more western movie in the morning matinee show and having nice delicious Mughlai Lunch then we use to go for a Nap,In the Evening we goto beach to see live band performance at Band stand ,in Bandra . ​ ​ There was another very Interesting Event use to take place in Summer in Goa from April to Mid May before rainy Season starts that was called “SIMLA BEAT CONTEST “ lots of Goan band use to take part in and perform in a open stage of Colva Beach ,South Goa after watching Movies and witness the concert on Beaches made me learn a lot a things musically and I applied these ideas and conceptualised and organised theme based Events in Delhi specially the Goan Theme to be continued in Delhi ​ ​ IMPACT OF BAND STAND ​ Stanley Vaz Co-organiser of the Band Stand Launched on 15th September 1991 in Delhi sponsored By : Yamaha RX100 F’use Jeans Thumps Up Archies Conceptualised by Stanley Vaz Late Mr.Kieth kanga Mr.Wilfred Hamrum (Director of Vision Earth Communication Pvt.ltd) As a program Directors wanted to promote semi professional Singers, Musicians and bands to professional level, We wanted to give them the platform where they will be recognised as a professional level Artists We went to college Authorities and many other institutions and check out bands in there recreation center’s we selected Few named as

  1. Parikrama
  2. Crash

3.Calamity 4.Angel Dust. Launch them on a stage to perform for final’s. We also staged professional band from Goa known as “Black Slade ” already performing professionally at Sampan Night club in Surya Hotel. ​ Thats what we Achieved promoting these band’s and become famous in Delhi and now in India. Vision THIS CONCEPT WE WANTED CARRY FORWARD YEAR BY YEAR. MAKE THIS EVENT HAPPENING AND FAMOUS AS N0.1 EVENT IN INDIA. TO ENCOURAGE THE SINGERS, MUSICIANS AND BANDS FROM ALL OVER THE STATES, SEMI PROFESSIONAL TO PROFESSIONALS. WE WANTED TO CONTINUE BUT FOR SOME REASON WE HAD TO PAUSE FOR A WHILE. ​

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